Redesigning Legal: Mandatory Bar and the Art of the Long View - Shared screen with gallery view
Kristy Gordon
I am trying to get an LLP program here in Indiana.
Stephanie Bond
TIKD is a case that shows that the current system is NOT working. Needs radical change.
John Stewart
Happy to talk to you about TIKD offline if you like one day. I think it was a very positive opinion when you understand all of the underpinnings.
Daniel Elliott
Entity reg is the long term play
Patricia Sallen
Any state that is considering adopting a paraprofessional category should be cognizant that many lawyers will resist it out of fear that such a “nurse practitioner” license will somehow devalue their law licenses.
Patricia Sallen
I should have added that I’m an Arizona lawyer who paid close attention to all the comments submitted to the proposals that Justice Timmer described.
Daniel Elliott
Opposing view is it raises the value of the doctor’s degree by adjusting work performed
Daniel Elliott
Maybe not opposing… complementary
Stephanie Bond
Did something change from before? I understood from the decisions on TIKD I read that their business was being shut down? Was that overturned, John?
Stephanie Bond
Patricia, the funny thing is that lawyers are more likely to get more real “lawyer work” — the kind of stuff that para-professionals feel comfortable doing — is the kind of thing they already do in law firms. And a lot of lawyers don’t do that work; their assistants do it.
Stephanie Bond
I should say - real lawyer work is what paraprofessionals are NOT comfortable doing.
Tim Eigo (he/him)
Here is a link to the survey data Vice Chief Justice Timmer referred to that was gathered by the Court in early 2020: https://www.azattorneymag-digital.com/azattorneymag/202004/MobilePagedReplica.action?pm=2&folio=22#pg25
Chris Brown
There is a very strong argument that the status quo is not protecting the public. 🙂
Stephanie Bond
Lawyers are afraid that their former employees will take away the work that such employees used to do at the law firm. It’s not that the lawyers are doing that work now. It’s beneath them. I know firsthand.
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Stephanie Bond
So — they’re fighting in a lip-service move. Not because they really want to do the boring repetitive work that legal assistants handle in the law firms.
Stephanie Bond
Removing the barriers will open up opportunities for more businesses to get started — more partnerships. THAT is where real lawyer work will blossom. People want help from sophisticated contract drafters to protect their ventures and assets.
John Stewart
Stephanie, the Court found it was UPL but that is just one instance with one company. The 4/3 opinion was very interesting and I believe useful to re-regulation concepts.
Janet Welch
Wish I could see you Alan!