Approaching Retirement Faculty Emerita/us Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Keith Rhodes (he/his)
Not that I don't welcome all the input on the personal side, but honestly by far the main anxiety I have about approaching retirement is what the heck to do about applying for Medicare when I'm still going to be working and covered by DU's health insurance (at least for a while). I've sought advice in every direction, and I get different advice each time. What in the world have people actually done? Part A only? Switching from high deductible to something else?
Alison Staudinger (she/her)
Here’s are the questions again: Breakout Room Question:Reflecting on what the panelists have shared about their transitions, what are your own hopes and fears that you had or (or currently have) about retirement? For those who have retired or are close to someone who has, how did the reality compare to these hopes and fears?
Keith Rhodes (he/his)
DU could help me by offering more information on precisely how to deal with Medicaid when I'll still be employed. This is practical, nuts-and-bolts information, but it's maddeningly vague.
Lawrence Berliner
We needed Dave Longbrake here who's been very active in the Retirees association. And yes, everything about benefits, etc. As to the other aspects, I'm afraid that it's local to Diviisions/Colleges and Departments
Jennifer Cornish
I’d like to learn more about the faculty/staff retirees group at DU
Gloria Miller
Are there other options - from Fulltime faculty to Research faculty or to advisor status etc. What are he pros and cons of each ..
Gloria Miller
Also what is the process for each and how to even contact Faculty who are in retirement.
Lawrence Berliner
Dropping those things like email, Office365, and other perks give the impressions of the university not valuing their retirees and these things above are petty from my perspective. And Emeritus is not guaranteed as well.
Gloria Miller
This was very helpful and Can we do this again with smaller or specialized groups for break outs.?
Jennifer Cornish
I agree with what Art just said about a more formal and transparent process and also support Gloria’s idea of smaller or specialized break-out groups next time
Gloria Miller
I am amazed at the Resources that this group could bring to the campus - even coming to discuss their new pursuits. The students would benefit greatly and maybe a speaker could be started....
Gloria Miller
I was told by a close friend - most academic do not RETIRE - the REWIRE and this is very obvious here too
Lloyd Moore
Hello! My name is Lloyd Moore and I'm the director of benefits at DU. Please never hesitate to contact the benefits office at 303-871-7420 or Benefits@du.edu for assistance with any benefits or retirement related matters. I can be reached directly at Lloyd.Moore@du.edu or at 303-871-4284. We are always happy to help!
Lawrence Berliner
Bernie Spilka ran a seminar program that the Physics Department sponsored for [mainly] retirees and the DU community that was phenomenal; I got the opportunity to present a talk to them twice.
Susan Korach
Thank you Lloyd!
Lawrence Berliner
Let's do this again!
Robert Stencel
Thanks all.
Alison Staudinger (she/her)
Thanks for the intro Kate— I’m reachable at Alison.Staudinger@du.edu, and we’ll be following up on these ideas from the chat and breakout room, and here is the follow up survey: Survey: https://udenver.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6rJYdabmZqJOgPr
Alison Staudinger (she/her)
I like Calvin Trillin’s Travels with Alice for road trips because I love to eat.
Sister Fred (she/her/hers)
Many thanks to all for organizing today’s chat on Zoom… It is GREAT to reconnect with colleagues… Let’s do it again! Apologies for having to jump off… and on to another call! Best wishes to all!! :)
Susan Korach
Thank you for this opportunity. Yes
RyanEG (he, him)
Thank you, Everyone, for sharing your experience and wisdom with us. This has been a wonderful closing to a very busy day on Zoom. And I am delighted to be on the MOARS group with a commitment to continuing this work!
Ruth, Colorado
Please consider joining the Faculty and Staff Association here at DU.
Jennifer Bellamy (she/her/hers)
I so appreciate everything everyone shared, and I look forward to working more with the committee on these issues. Thank you for your discussion and ideas. I learned a lot and appreciate you all and how we can do better.